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Beginning Woodcarving

A bumper collection of articles from the pages of 'Woodcarving' magazine covering the essential techniques the novice woodcarver will need to make good progress in levels of confidence and in expertise. Previously published as Woodcarving Techniques for Beginners and Useful Techniques for Woodcarvers.

Carving Birds & Beasts

Full--full color photographs throught and numerous diagrams illustrate each project from multiple angles (including final form on mountings), and helpful tips are offered on getting the results you want. Projects include mare and foal, humPaperbackack whale, leaping dolphin, bison, prairie dog, swans, and 25 more. In addition, interviews with famous carvers explain how they approach their craft.

Carving Classical Styles in Wood

This book explains the principles of classical ornamentation and how the motifs evolved through the Greek, Roman, Romanesque, Renaissance and Neoclassical periods. Carving techniques are described and illustrated with separate chapters covering relief panels, bands and foliage; tablets, escutcheons, scrolls and cartouches; fans, sunbursts and shells; keystones and finials.

Carving in the Round

This inspirational and informative guide is designed to take readers on a journey to develop their understanding of form, design, artistic creativity, and technical knowledge in woodcarving. Seven innovative projects, which gradually increase in difficulty, introduce and build on key techniques for beginners to learn, practice, and adopt. The freeform projects include a wave, fossil, cat, female ...

Carving Japanese Netsuke for Beginners

Create your Japanese work of art with this new, comprehensive title on the intricate skill of Japanese netsuke carvings. Traditionally created for practical reasons, these fantastic miniature carvings are now highly collectible works of art. Carving Japanese Netsuke for Beginners is packed with information on the history, techniques, tools, and skills needed to master the art. Written in an ...

Carving Swedish Woodenware

Now, this timeless topic can be yours on DVD! With Carving Swedish Woodenware, you can enjoy real hands-on learning from a legendary expert. Swedish woodworker Jögge Sundqvist demonstrates the fine art of carved woodenware. Using just four hand tools -- an ax, knife, adz, and gouge -- he shows you how to make a dough bowl and spoon, from start to exquisite finish.

Carving Techniques and Projects

Now you can acquire the satisfying skill of carving wood. In this tape you'll discover the basics of woodcarving, see how to carve an 18th-century scallop shell and gain an understanding of the production techniques of that era. You will learn about: designing for letter carving, selecting and sharpening carving tools, carving roman and italic letters, relief carving, outlining, molding ...

Carving the Human Figure

The human figure is the most important subject in sculpture. In this practical introduction the emphasis is on carving in wood, but sculptors in other media will find it equally valuable. Male and female figures are included, plus drapery, and stylised and abstract carving. Basic human anatomy, including heads, torsos, knees and hands, is covered as well as carving whole figures.

Chip Carving

Chip carving is a wonderfully direct and simple way to decorate furniture, cabinets, boxes, plaques and utensils. Wayne Barton, a master of the Swiss style of chip carving, shows you step by step how you can beautify a number of objects using very few tools. You'll learn about: tools and the basic border cuts, decorative designs like gothic rosettes and lace borders, roman lettering, and ...

Classic Carving Patterns

If you've ever wondered what design to carve next or what style of pattern to use to enhance your current woodworking project, Lora Irish's treasury of classic wood patterns is for you. Within its pages, you'll find a vast selection of traditional themes to carve, burn, or paint. Each design in Classic Carving Patterns is presented as an easy-to-reproduce outline pattern, which can be ...

Letter Carving

Years of experience, right at your fingertips. If you are a beginner or intermediate carver ready to improve your skills, this book is for you. In Letter Carving: Techniques & Projects to Hone Your Skills, Andrew J. Hibberd shares his techniques for carving letters on wood and Portland stone. Projects sure to impress. Hibberd uses projects of his own creation to help carvers master key steps in ...

Stone Carving for the Home & Garden

An ancient art you can learn. You may not have considered the ancient art of stone carving to be something that can be practised as a hobby but assume it is the territory of stone masons and sculptors undertaking intricate work on a grand scale. Stone Carving for the Home & Garden introduces the medium of stone to the hobby carver as an accessible and rewarding pastime without having to ...

Swedish Carving Techniques

For all those looking for this much sought-after handbook, the wait is over. Originally published in 1990 and out of print for almost 10 years, Swedish Carving Techniques by Wille Sundqvist has enjoyed cult status among carvers and craftsmen and is widely considered the bible of spoon carvers.  Now a brand-new issue - just like the 1990 version - can be yours directly from The Taunton Press, the ...

Wood Carving Basics


This new edition in two volumes, fully revised and expanded with new color photography throughout will ensure that this work continues to be the standard reference source on the subject. The second volume covers many vitally important woodcarving topics including drawing and modeling, finishing, holding work safely, design of the workplace, using power tools, useful supplementary tools, and an ...