Fine Woodworking on Joinery

Fine Woodworking on Joinery

By:  Editors of Fine Woodworking

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The really hard problem in woodworking is making strong corners with nothing but flat sticks. The trees have the answer: they just grow a branch. The cabinetmaker has to fake it, by cutting and neatly fitting a joint. This book is largely about how to make the sturdy workhorse of the cabinetmaking art, the mortise and tenon joint. In 36 articles from Fine Woodworking magazine, experienced craftsmen explain how they choose, make, and use the mortise and tenon and its many variations for paneled walls and doors, cabinets, tables, and chairs. You'll also learn about glues for wood.

Fine Woodworking magazine has been the most trusted resource for woodworkers since 1975. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Fine Woodworking, The Taunton Press is re-releasing a number of classic titles from the early days of the magazine. Long out of print, the books are filled with expert information that's as timeless now as when it was first published.

Fine Woodworking has been publishing the best woodworking information for small shop woodworkers since 1975.