How to Break an Egg

1,453 Kitchen Tips, Food Fixes, Emergency Substit

How to Break an Egg

By:  Editors of Fine Cooking

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Featuring the collected kitchen wisdom of hundreds of readers, authors, and all-around cooking enthusiasts who populate the pages of Fine Cooking"magazine, How to Break an Egg offers helpful advice and an amazing compendium of more than 1,400 tips, tricks, and solutions related to cooking. Color photos & drawings throughout.

"(How to Break an Egg) Excellent, excellent book"
- "Sara Moulton, Good Morning America
""This little book packs a lot of wisdom for the price. It's not a cookbook, but rather a compendium of all those cool little Fine Cooking tips that you hope you will remember when you need them.....It's ever so much better than reading directions in a recipe."
"- Cathy Barber, Dallas Morning News
""How to Break an Egg is designed to be a kitchen staple -- a place to go when you have a food question or problem and need a simple-to-understand answer. It's fun to sit down and read in order to discover the interesting ways cooks have come up with to solve some intriguing culinary problems."
"- Karen Haram, San Antonio Express-News
""Even great home cooks sometimes need a bit of guidance in the kitchen. After all, no matter how many emergencies you've run into or how many jams you've substituted your way through, there's always another you haven't yet tackled. How to Break an Egg addresses all these and more for everyone from restaurant-ready cooks to folks who need to learn how to separate a yolk from the whites."
"- Chicago Sun-Times
""Fine Cooking magazine calls them "ah-ha" moments. The book, How To Break an Egg is full of such inspirations."
"- Rocky Mountain News
"How to Break an Egg has the answers...The tips are great, fun and sometimes a little weird."
"- Cabin Living magazine
""How to Break an Egg is a one-of-kind resource of more than 1,400 kitchen-tested tips, shortcuts and ingenious solutions to culinary emergencies- all organized in an easy-to-acess format for quick reference or more leisurely reading."
"- Home Improvement Dallas
""Anyonewho enjoys cooking and creating culinary masterpieces will appreciate the useful tips and clever techniques compiled by the editors of this very unusual but handy kitchen guide."
"- Monterey County Herald"

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