Container Gardening

250 Design Ideas & Step-by-Step Techniques

Container Gardening

By:  Editors of Fine Gardening

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GARDENING / Container

For people who don't have space or time for traditional gardening and who need expert advice on choosing and using plants and containers to create their own container garden, large or small. At long last, a smart and sensible gardening guide from the most trusted name in gardening.

Compiled from the pages of Fine Gardening magazine, Container Gardening will inspire readers with:

  • dramatic plant combinations
  • step-by-step techniques to plant and care for containers under all conditions, including regions with short growing periods.
  • The experts at Fine Gardening will show even a beginning gardener how containers can create boundaries, direct traffic, break up wall space, and soften edges throughout the year.

Fine Gardening magazine offers sage advice to garden lovers of any kind and skill level from the beginner and time-pressed, who wish to start small; to city dwellers and renters, with tight, temporary plots; to accomplished gardeners who want to grow their expertise.  Planting advice from across the nation will help you easily grow a gorgeous garden in even the most challenging spaces and climates.