The Everyday Baker

Recipes and Techniques for Foolproof Baking

The Everyday Baker

By:  Dodge, Abigail Johnson

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IACP Award for Baking Sweet and Savory Category Winner2016 - United States

Winner of the 2016 IACP award for Baking

Nominee for the 2016 James Beard Foundation award for Baking and Dessert

The Everyday Baker, a comprehensive, must-have resource for today's baker for anyone who likes, loves, or lives to bake. Former pastry chef and award-winning baking expert Abby Dodge has created this definitive collection that serves as a delicious roadmap through a baker's sweet and savory kitchen. The Everyday Baker includes over 176 foolproof, innovative recipes with detailed instructions, almost 1,000 step-by-step photographs, 80 stunning finished dish photographs, hundreds of must-know tips, a complete guide to all your pantry and equipment essentials, and so much more. Designed to revolutionize the home baking experience to help bakers of all skill levels bake with confidence and authority, you will feel as if Abby were in the kitchen by your side, guiding and encouraging you as you go. 

So go ahead and roll up your sleeves, pull out the flour, heat up the oven, and get ready to wow your family, friends, or even customers with the best desserts and baked goods of your life. Because when it comes to this particular brand of sweet success, it's all in the techniques, it's all in the flavors, it's all in the passion...and it's all in The Everyday Baker.

"Everyday? Hardly! How about every minute? That's how often we want to make the recipes from this baking pro who still makes it all too fun. We're as undone by her mini pancetta quiche as we are by her double chocolate espresso wake-up bread. And if you've ever wanted to make English muffins, Abby makes it easy--and maybe an everyday necessity.  Just wow."Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, Authors of The Great Big Pressure Cooker Book

"Abby Dodge is the best baking teacher I know, bar none. To see her amazing techniques and genius flavor pairings come to life in this soon-to-be classic resource is pure joy. With hundreds of helpful step-by-step photos and so many "extras"--from flavor swaps and make-ahead tips to finishing touches--The Everyday Baker is a hugely generous cookbook, the kind that invites you to drop everything you are doing and start baking this very minute. in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if The Everyday Baker inspires cooks across the country to bake their way through it, one delicious recipe at a time."Susie Middleton, cookbook author, farmer, and editor at large for

"The Everyday Baker is part culinary school, part trusted friend, and completely delicious. Abby shares her years of baking wisdom with such grace and ease that everyone from pastry chefs to first time bakers will successfully create fabulous pastries."Zoe Francois, pastry chef and cookbook author

"I love to cook but don't know how to bake. With Abby's recipes, problem solved!"Victoria Hagan, interior designer

"The Everyday Baker is a sensuous book, and therefore eminently successful. To be great, a cookbook needs to seduce you into the kitchen. The Everyday Baker beckons one powerful recipe after another."The Huffington Post

"This tome dedicated to baking is one that we all need to own. Above average, unusual, and delicious recipes. I have been making Abby's recipes for years and there hasn't been a dud in the bunch. This book will be a workhorse in any baker's kitchen and especially mine."The Cookbook Junkies

"I have been a longtime Abby fan; her approach is solid in technique, her writing is simple, clear, and encouraging, and her talent is obvious."Dede Wilson, Bakepedia

"Abby's amazing!"Dorie Greenspan, award-winning cookbook author

"This made its way to the top of a substantial pile of 2015 baking books because Dodge knows how to write a complete recipe."The Washington Post

"This book will teach you as you go, illustrating the why and how behind the techniques and recipes. It's a comprehensive baking book for anyone who likes to bake."The Coastal Table

"The Everyday Baker is a masterpiece. Abby's voice domes through loud and clear. The recipes are so well-written, the tips are so detailed.  I'm a professional baker, and I think it's one of the best books I own."One Tough Cookie - Gail Dosik

"In her tenth cookbook Abby Dodge makes you wish that you could bake every day. She's a pie and tart queen. A pastry prodigy. A cookie genius."Faith Middleton Food Schmooze - Robin Doyon-Aitken

Abigail Johnson Dodge is a widely respected baking expert, popular food writer, and instructor. Abby studied in Paris at La Varenne and worked in pastry under superstar chefs Michel Guérard and Guy Savoy. Abby is the author of nine cookbooks, including Mini Treats & Hand-Held Sweets, Desserts 4 Today, and The Weekend Baker—an IACP Cookbook Award Finalist. Her recipes and articles have appeared in seven dozen cookbooks, publications, blogs, and websites. Abby is a contributing editor to Fine Cooking magazine and is also a regular guest on TV and radio. She lives in Connecticut.