Wisdom for Home Preservers

500 Tips for Pickling, Canning, Curing, Smoking & More

Wisdom for Home Preservers

By:  Ripley, Robin

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COOKING / Methods / Canning & Preserving
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Savor seasonal foods long after the harvest. Wisdom for Home Preservers: 500 Tips for Pickling, Canning, Curing, Smoking, and More serves up fascinating tips (yes, 500!) for traditional food preservation methods with basic recipes all beautifully presented with quaint, specially commissioned linocut artwork by Melvyn Evans alongside helpful diagrams.

Why home preserve? Started thousands of years ago as a means of basic survival, today home preserving has become a staple of the popular locavore movement.

  • Relish the flavors of delicious local, seasonal foods year round
  • Enjoy a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

8 methods of home preserving. Simply explained with detailed tips and basic recipes you will quickly learn the art of home preserving techniques like:

  • Canning (including jam-making)
  • Drying
  • Freezing
  • Pickling
  • Curing
  • Smoking
  • Salting
  • Fermenting

For all skill levels. 10 chapters full of detailed tips on all of the preserving methods, as well as, practical troubleshooting advice, information about storing, and basic recipes make this a must-have sourcebook for novices and experienced home preservers.

Robin Ripley is a garden and food writer who lives on a small Maryland homestead. She makes as much by hand as possible, from bread to cheese to wine to pastries. Robin blogs about her own potager and country life at http://bumblebeeblog.com. She writes and talks regularly with groups about grocery gardening, potager design and the importance of locally grown and fresh foods.