Stanley Garage Storage Solutions

Stanley Garage Storage Solutions

By:  Schiff, David

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Get organized and get more from your garage. Stanley Quick Guides offer even the newest DIYer simple, straightforward solutions for the everyday problems we all would love to tackle if only we knew where to start. If there’s a garage in your life that needs to be de-cluttered, grab yourself a copy of Stanley Quick Guide: Garage Storage Solutions. It’s where you’ll find all the answers for creating a nicely organized garage that accommodates everything you need housed there - including the car!

A place for everything and everything in its place. Garage Storage Solutions provides a no-nonsense approach to storing all the stuff you need in a practical, accessible way. First, get everything off the floor and build easy-to-make or install commercial storage systems that will forever transform this valuable real estate in an area that works overtime for you.

Easy projects that really make a difference. Simply flip open your laminated book to the right page to find everything you need from start to finish. Instructions include a materials and hardware list, detailed drawing with dimensions, diagrams, step-by-step photos and quick tips from the pros. In no time, you can enjoy the space-saving benefits of:

  • Sturdy utility shelving for most-used tools, materials, and household products
  • Large overhead storage racks for seasonal items
  • A heavy-duty hoist for stowing bikes, kayaks, or ladders out of the way
  • On-the-wall racks that keep garden tools in plain sight
  • A multi-use fold-up worktable and tool cabinet that’s a complete workshop


Do it yourself and save with tips from Stanley. The Stanley Quick Guide series offers authoritative, reliable and concise information empowering even first-time DIYers homeowners to tackle home improvements with confidence. Get Garage Storage Solutions and be the envy of the neighborhood. Not only will you have organized your garage, but your car can come in from the cold!

David Schiff is the author of two Stanley Homeowner Guides—Built-ins & Storage and Outdoor Projects. He is the author of several other how-to books and has written articles on home design, building, and general interest for a number of publications. He has worked as editorial director for Creative Homeowner Press and for Reader's Digest Illustrated Reference Books.