Stanley Easy Home Repairs

Stanley Easy Home Repairs

By:  Toht, David

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Reliable solutions at your fingertips. Stanley Quick Guides offer even the most inexperienced homeowner simple, straightforward solutions for the vexing problems we all encounter and would prefer to handle ourselves – if only we knew how. With this Stanley Easy Home Repairs, you will find quick, complete solutions anyone can follow successfully.

Professional know-how guides you all the way. Author Dave Toht, a home-repair specialist, shares his many years of experience in working with windows and doors, walls and floors, plumbing and heating, and electrical work. Here’s just a partial list listing of the repairs you can accomplish:

  • Free up a stuck window or door
  • Quiet squeaky door hinges
  • Repair drywall damage
  • Renew bathroom or kitchen caulk
  • Remove grout stains
  • Stop a run-on toilet, ball or float types
  • Fix cracked tile
  • Replace a light fixture

Make repairs yourself with home improvement tips from the experts at Stanley. The Stanley Quick Guide series offers authoritative, reliable and concise information empowering even first-time DIYers to take on any home repair project with confidence. Get Easy Home Repairs and be prepared to remedy everyday problems on your own.

Durable, spiral-bound, highly visual, easy-to-reference books. Simply flip open your laminated book to tackle home improvement projects like painting a panel door, correctly rehanging a grouping of framed pictures or unclogging a dryer vent and so much more.

Dave Toht, a former contractor with decades of hands-on experience, fondly remembers his first house located in the sometimes frigid, sometimes frying Midwest.  Built in 1854, it was loaded with opportunities for caulking, glazing, weatherstripping and insulating.  He has written or edited more than 60 books on home repair and remodeling.