Fine Woodworking's Maple Cupboard Plan

Fine Woodworking's Maple Cupboard Plan

By:  Kenney, Matt

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Modeled after a small cupboard originally made at a Shaker Colony in Enfield, Conn., this cabinet's simple, clean lines give it a refined, country look. Matt Kenney modified the original design, making the face frames narrower and adding two interior drawers. Construction is straightforward, with a dovetailed case and a frame-and-panel door, but there are a few quirks to the design that make this project even more fun--tall sides that make dovetail layout a challenge, for one, and shopmade edge details and trim.

Dimensions: 14 in. deep x 20 in. wide x 51 7/8 in. tall
What's Included:

  • Extensive full-size and scale drawings
  • Complete cutlist
  • Step-by-step companion article

Matt Kenney has been making things from wood his entire life. About 15 years ago, when he was a poor and recently married graduate student with plans for a philosophy professorship, he began to make furniture. He was still bumbling along when a generous professional furniture maker in Camden, S.C., (Joe Mazurek) took him into his shop and taught him to cut dovetails, make doors, and hammer veneer. For the last six years, Kenney has been an editor at Fine Woodworking. He lives in Watertown, Connecticut.