How to Fit a Changing Figure

How to Fit a Changing Figure

By:  Cutting, Louise

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Get a great fit in all of your clothes—even if your body is not as it used to be! Over time, we all experience body shifts. Formerly trim areas gradually protrude, and fuller areas show the effects of gravity. The upper back and shoulders might be getting a little rounded. You might find that you’re no longer as tall as you once were. Look around you, and you’ll see that these changes happen to just about everyone. Even if your figure has changed, you don’t have to settle for garments with an unflattering fit.

How to Fit a Changing Figure is an entertaining and informative video available as a 2-disc set by fitting expert Louise Cutting. She walks you through the steps for adjusting patterns so you can sew garments that camouflage figure flaws and highlight your assets.

Follow Louise’s guidance to reevaluate your figure and make easy adjustments that accommodate common body changes.

Watch, learn, and sew with confidence in the comfort of your home. This 157-minute 2-disc set is the latest from sewing expert Louise Cutting, creator of the popular Industry Insider Techniques video series. Her clear explanations, engaging presentation style, and impressive expertise give you the knowledge to adapt patterns for changing body shapes.

How to Fit a Changing Figure offers you:

  • More than 50 solutions, tips, and techniques for getting a flawless fit
  • No-nonsense remedies for common fitting issues, including armhole gaps, bust adjustments, tummy enlargements, and hip and thigh expansions
  • Easy techniques for revamping patterns to adapt to all kinds of body shapes and shifts
  • Expert advice on how to diagnose poor fit due to figure changes
  • And much more

You deserve to look your best in flattering garments that fit. People come in an array of shapes and sizes, and How to Fit a Changing Figure honors the notion that all bodies can look beautiful. Such beauty warrants well-fitting garments.

Louise Cutting is a contributing editor for Threads magazine and the creator of Cutting Line Designs patterns.  She is an internationally recognized instructor and lecturer on sewing and design. She has made ten popular video programs for Threads and has a loyal following of students and fans who practice her precision sewing methods.