The Family Cabin

Inspiration for Camps, Cottages, and Cabins

The Family Cabin

By:  Mulfinger, Dale

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Since the beginning of the 20th century, cabin retreats have held a unique place in the lives and lore of many American families. In The Family Cabin, author and "cabinologist" Dale Mulfinger explores the role that cabins have had and continue to have in family bonding and as a repository for family history, nostalgia, and cherished memories.  This collection brings together 37 new and old cabins from across North America as inspiration for anyone who desires a peaceful retreat of their own. Within these pages, Mulfinger rekindles his love for this treasured American icon with fresh insights and seasoned strategies about the logic, utility, and beauty of cabin construction and with fascinating stories of the families that live in them.

Over 300 lush, full-color photographs and 78 illustrations throughout the book capture the aesthetics of place and design that have allowed cabins to become an enduring symbol of rugged American individualism and self-reliance. Whether nestled in the mountains, tucked deep in the woods, or built along the water's edge, the ideals of the cabin extend just as well into the 21st century as they did in the past.

"For over four generations, sporting cabins have been an important part of the L.L. Bean family. They have served as a focal point for family togetherness, fond memories and a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Through these experiences, I know firsthand the sense of rejuvenation and enrichment that can only come from time spent in a cabin with family and friends, and Mr. Mulfinger's new book captures the essence of this sentiment and so much more."L.L. Bean - Shawn Gorman, Chairman of the Board

"The Family Cabin embraces the charming comforts of structures that hold centuries of stories and the modern marvels of architectural innovation, introducing you to the visionaries that make a homeowners dream a reality."Lake Time Magazine - Christina Monson, Editor-in-Chief

"Architect and cabinologist Dale Mulfinger possesses an intuitive sense about the deep affection we hold for our cabins. Mulfinger captures our longing for these getaways as well as their endurance and continuing evolution."Midwest Home magazine - Chris Lee, Editor

"Cabinologist Dale Mulfinger writes 'cabins are sometimes a dream waiting to be dreamt.' The Family Cabin allows us to share this dream as we consider page after wonderful page of cabins in all shapes and sizes."Mountain Living - Darla Worden, Editor-in-Chief

"In our time of outsized houses and budgets to match, Dale Mulfinger's book The Family Cabin brings us all back down to earth. Mulfinger's books and teachings on cabins keep us real and are the perfect antidote to a house culture gone somewhat mad."FAIA - Jeremiah Eck, Architect, Painter, and Author

"When it comes to all things cabin, Dale gets it. The Family Cabin is bound to be another great hit!"Cabin Living magazine - Mark R. Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

"Dale Mulfinger is the friend you invite to your cabin before it's built. He shares your passion for simple and functional space. He understands your need to have a cabin and he knows your family before you ever meet. Dale assures us that spending time at a cabin is a good thing to do."Lake Home & Cabin Shows - David Greer, Owner

"The cabins (and now camps and cottages) Mulfinger documents are the stuff dreams are made of, evoking memories of wonderful summer vacations in cabins near a lake, in the woods or in a mountain landscape. Mulfinger's new book might well have been entitled Dreaming of Your Family Cabin."Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design - Jeff Shannon, Professor of Architecture

"The book spotlights 37 old and new cabins across America with gorgeous photography and interesting stories about why and how they were built and who lives there now. Cabins range from simple and cozy to upscale and contemporary. This is the kind of book that makes you sigh with envy."The Plain Dealer/Advance Publications - Jill Sell

"Starred Review. For readers seeking ideas for an actual cabin or desiring a cabin-like feel in a city dwelling, this book will provide an abundance of inspiration."Library Journal

"The Family Cabin explores our affection for cabins and their deep connection to family histories."Mountain Living - Darla Worden

Minnesota architect and renowned "cabinologist" Dale Mulfinger has designed cabins all over North America. Principal emeritus of SALA Architects, Dale is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects and the author of five books, including the best-selling The Cabin and Back to the Cabin, both published by The Taunton Press.