Whimsical Woodland Coloring

Whimsical Woodland Coloring

By:  Seabrook, Alexis

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96 pg

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Get ready to take a romp in the woods with this charming adult coloring book. If you’re someone who loves the mossy trees, the dewy leaves, the budding flowers, and an abundance of cute critters scurrying about, then you’ll revel in Whimsical Woodland Coloring, an adult coloring book that captures the charm and beauty of the great outdoors.

A super fun activity to bring out your creativity and enhance relaxation. Coloring is not just for kids these days! Forbes magazine calls this red hot trend in publishing “a craze [that] continues and there is no end in sight.” Whether you haven’t picked up a crayon since grammar school, or you’re already hooked on “hue therapy,” Whimsical Woodland Coloring is the perfect coloring book to dive right in.

Create mini works of art during your down time. While watching TV, commuting, or even waiting at a doctor’s office—these down moments can become golden opportunities to connect with your inner child. Whimsical Woodland Coloring features 47 inventive and fanciful designs focused on the popular woodland theme featured in today’s home décor items and beyond. Each picture is light-hearted and whimsical, and because the pages are perforated, you can easily tear them out for display around your home or office. Repeating patterns in places like trees and leaves, as well as playful elements like straw hats on chirping birds, will inspire you to color your way to light and lovely fun.

Sharpen your colored pencils and order Whimsical Woodland Coloring today!

Alexis Seabrook is a widely published illustrator whose work has appeared in national newspapers (she spent 10 years as an illustrator at The New York Times), magazines, books, calendars, and ads since 1992. She has illustrated more than 45 books for Simon & Schuster, Hyperion, HarperCollins and more, most notably the Daring Books for Girls series, (William Morrow, 2008).