Built-Ins, Cabinets & Shelves

Built-Ins, Cabinets & Shelves

By:  Editors of Fine Homebuilding

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A home can never have too much storage! In this collection of 25 articles from Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodworking magazines, America's most accomplished carpenters and woodworkers contribute their advice on building sturdy cabinets, built-ins, and shelves.

  • build a breakfast nook, island, or pantry in your kitchen
  • add storage to your bed
  • construct the perfect vanity for your bathroom
  • make a country hutch in your kitchen
  • or just add shelves or cabinets to any other room

Beginners and experts alike will love the basics section, which reviews must-know information about plywood, lumber, glue-ups, and safety while sawing.

All contributing authors are seasoned professionals whose articles have appeared in Fine Homebuilding magazine.

Since 1981 Fine Homebuilding has been providing information and inspiration to everyone who cares about quality home improvement and construction. the magazine is the best source of home improvement information and helps readers build projects better, faster, and more efficiently.