Junk Beautiful: She Sheds

Hundreds of Inspired Ideas for Your Backyard Retreat

Junk Beautiful: She Sheds

By:  Whitney, Sue

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Move over, Man Caves. She Sheds are coming to a house near you. Across the country, ladies are carving out a special place for themselves, one free from stress and concern. And they're doing it in their own backyards by turning spaces usually reserved for old tools and greasy car parts into refined relaxation. The beauty of the She Shed is that it can take whatever form best suits your tastes.

In Junk Beautiful: She Sheds, best-selling author and Queen of Junk Sue Whitney, founder of JUNKSTYLE and author of the Junk Beautiful brand of books, will introduce the "rustoration" philosophy to 15 she sheds from across the country.

  • Featured She Sheds will largely be small wooden structures, but could also take the shape of a dolled-up camper, vintage horse trailer, tree house, or other unique space.
  • Shed rehab will include indoor and outdoor projects that run from light construction to accessory projects and simple hacks.
  • Re-using and re-inventing castoffs as home furnishings and accessories create uniquely personal spaces —the hallmark of She Sheds.
  • She Sheds on the East Coast (greater Philadelphia), South (Texas), Midwest (greater Minneapolis), and West Coast (central California) will allow for regional design flavor.

"Bam! Sue Whitney gets it right again! Junk Beautiful: She Sheds blends the urge to repurpose with the craving for a space of one's own. Discovering Sue's collection of sheds and She Shedders is like taking a vacation—without having to pack a suitcase! Mothers, daughters, sisters—we all need Junk Beautiful: She Sheds!Director, Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art - Jan Orr-Harter

"Junk Beautiful: She Sheds is a must-read for all women and is signed, sealed, and delivered with a flair that only Sue can provide. Her take on the ever-popular she shed phenomenon hits the nail squarely on its head. Sue assembled a collection of gal pals from across the country who are all unique but share two common threads—the desire for a peaceful getaway of their own and the willingness to share their ideas with others. Like their owners, each backyard retreat is unusual and inspiring. Sue's uncanny and refreshing ability to work well with others and create, enhance, or modify structures to best suit each 'she shedder's' needs is a highlight of this title. Her wicked sense of humor is icing on the cake."Creator/Editor-in-Chief of Where Women Create, Where Women Cook, Where Women Create Work, and What Women Create - Jo Packham

Sue Whitney founded JUNKMARKET in 2000 in response to a need in the marketplace for utilizing vintage finds stylishly in your home. Her company's vision was pretty and practical design through affordable re-use. She grew the company at a rapid rate and it was not long before JUNKMARKET was the national leader in the industry, and it remains so today.

Sue has authored three successful titles (Decorating JunkMarket Style, Junk Beautiful, and Junk Beautiful: Outdoor Edition), and her 4th—Junk Beautiful: Furniture ReFreshed is due out fall 2017. She has produced columns for Country Home and Country Gardens magazines, produced her own special interest magazine issue, and contributed to dozens of other publishers. She is the founder of JUNKMARKET Style, a large online community of about 42,000 loyal members, and is active on Facebook, with 8,500 likes.

Sue is a veteran public speaker and she knows her way around a television studio. She has been on the Today show multiple times and appeared regularly on HGTV's Country Style. She is also a paid speaker and consultant to vintage shows around the country. In spring of 2015, Sue launched her own show, Uncorked JUNKMARKET Style.