Handmade: A Hands-On Guide

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Handmade: A Hands-On Guide

By:  Christiana, Asa

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Taunton Press

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CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Leatherwork

Call it maker, handcrafted, or handmade, a new DIY movement has taken off big time. The common thread that ties makers to DIYers and handcrafters is the desire to build something rather than buy it. Handmade: A Hands-On Guide celebrates the movement and would-be makers with practical, doable projects that require only simple tools and techniques to complete.

  • Author Asa Christiana is the former chief editor of Fine Woodworking, the most respected woodworking magazine in the world.
  • 25 accessible projects...accessible yet doable with a modest collection of simple tools and made from all sorts of materials—concrete, leather, digital tools, Arduino, welding, casting, and printing.

Perfect for the armies of people of all ages who want to dive into the movement but haven't yet summoned up the courage, Handmade: A Hands-On Guide will guarantee success for anyone who picks it up.

With a background in engineering, woodworking, and journalism, Asa Christiana hit the ground running when he arrived at Fine Woodworking magazine in 2000, rising to become chief editor, a job he held for 8 years. Along the way, he helped launch StartWoodworking.com, a free website for beginning woodworkers. After stepping down in 2013, Asa moved with his family to Portland, Oregon, where he builds furniture and works as a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. He is the author of Build Stuff with Wood (Taunton Press, 2017.)