Fine Woodworking's Contemporary Arts and Crafts Bed Plan

Fine Woodworking's Contemporary Arts and Crafts Bed Plan

By:  Cullen, Michael

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The design of this bed has many of the details of a traditional Arts and Crafts piece, with one notable exception. The simple lines, tapering legs, and through-joinery evoke the traditional style, but the use of veneers on the headboard and footboard adds a contemporary twist. The bed still appears to be made of solid wood, but the veneered plywood panels offer protection from wood movement and allow for perfect grain-matching and color-matching. This is also an economical way to use claro walnut.

68-1/2 in. wide x 84-1/4 in. long x 48-11/16 in. high

What’s Included:
Extensive full-size and scale drawings
Complete cutlist
Step-by-step companion article

Michael Cullen studied mechanical engineering in college and started a career in the field. But the gravity of his family profession must have been too powerful: Before long he quit his job and followed his paternal grandfather and two great-grandfathers into woodworking. He went east to study under English furniture maker David Powell in Massachusetts, then returned to northern California, where he has been building furniture and sculpture since 1990. His current shop is in a former egg-sorting shed in Petaluma, once the egg capital of the country. When not in the shop adding texture to his latest bandsawn box, Cullen can often be spied on his bicycle, carving turns in the spectacular countryside.