The Woodburner Handbook

The Woodburner Handbook

By:  Bailey, Anthony

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Everything you need to know about woodburning stoves, all in one warm and toasty guidebook. Woodburning stoves are hot! And it’s easy to see why. They save money on fuel, they’re a carbon-neutral way to heat your home and they look positively beautiful in your kitchen or family room. The Woodburner Handbook is your log on the fire of knowledge, teaching you everything you need to know about this classic stove. From choosing the most suitable stove for your home to installing and operating one efficiently and safely, The Woodburner Handbook is a comprehensive collection of information to fuel your smart consumer know-how.

Learn how to select the best stove for you. Popular woodworker and author Anthony Bailey will teach you exactly what to look for so you can choose the stove that will give you all that you want. From the traditional potbelly style to the more modern looks, woodburning stoves add warmth to your air and décor. The Woodburner Handbook is here to help with all things woodburning stove – from smartly choosing it to safely using it. With over 80 photos and illustrations throughout, you’ll get the visual inspiration and guidance you’re looking for.

Anthony Bailey is a talented writer, photographer and woodworker who takes great enjoyment from sharing his knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, a wide range of subjects. Originally trained and later employed as a professional photographer, his skills have often been channeled in the direction of woodworking – he has, at various times, worked as a furniture restorer, cabinetmaker,and set builder. He is the editor of the popular Woodworking Plans & Projects magazine. Anthony is the author of several books, including Woodworking Techniques & Projects, Success with Biscuit Joiners, Router Jigs and Templates and Routing for Beginners, all for GMC Publications.