Outdoor Woodworking Games

20 Fun Projects to Make

Outdoor Woodworking Games

By:  Goodsell, Alan
Maxey, Randall A.

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The reader of this exciting new title will have as much fun making the projects as they will playing the games!  All of the 20 projects are designed to be made with the beginner woodworker in mind and using only basic woodworking tools and equipment. 

  • comprehensive, step-by-step instructions are based on standard sizes of wood so that pieces simply need to be cut to length with some basic shaping.
  • all accessories required will be readily available making each project as straightforward as possible to create.
  • step-by-step photos each project includes drawings where necessary.
  • each project will also include instructions on how to play the game along with the all-important rules!

"Amateur and recreational woodworkers will have as much fun making these do-it-yourself projects as they will playing the games! Beautifully and profusely illustrated throughout, Outdoor Woodworking Games is thoroughly user friendly in organization and presentation, making it an ideal and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, community, and high school wood shop libraries."Midwest Book Review

Woodworker and journalist Alan Goodsell has written extensively on woodworking and tools for a range of magazines including the highly acclaimed Woodturning magazine, The Router, and Furniture & Cabinetmaking (GMC Publications). Alan lives in Florida.


Randall Maxey has been woodworking almost since he was old enough to lift a hammer. Born and raised in central Ohio, he owns a custom woodworking business, Cherry Ridge Woodworks. He is also the founder and owner of MiniMaxWorkshop.com which supports th idea that you can build great projects in small spaces. Randall moved his family to Iowa and served ten years as senior editor for a woodworking magazine. He continues to write and edit articles for other woodworking publications and companies.