Hunter Gather Cook

Adventures in Wild Food

Hunter Gather Cook

By:  Weston, Nick

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COOKING / Specific Ingredients / Natural Foods
COOKING / Specific Ingredients / Game

Hunter Gather Cook aims to set you on a fulfilling, lifelong path of culinary adventures and food DIY, and show you how to embrace the lifestyle that surrounds the 21st-century hunter-gatherer. It will make wild food accessible to you, and take away any sense of trepidation at making your first brew, burger or carpaccio. And if you're already a 21st-century hunter-gatherer, then it will help you to expand your culinary repertoire, taking your experimentation and enjoyment to the next level.

  • A cookbook for those wishing to reconnect with nature and the source of their food
  • Includes butchery guides and wild-plant indexes
  • Recipes include wild meats, vegetables, sauces, sides, oils and cocktails

While there's no doubt the world is a very different place to how it was 10,000 years ago, some things have remained the same. We are still hunter-gatherers, just like our ancestors.

Nick Weston specialized in Hunter-gatherer Studies and the Mesolithic as part of his Archaeology degree. He has written for numerous publications and set up a successful company, Hunter Gather Cook, which is a school for foraging, butchery, cooking, and bushcraft.  Nick lives in Lewes, UK.