A Woodworker's Guide


By:  Laughton, Ralph

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Joints: A Woodworker's Guide takes one of the most important and challenging aspects of woodworking and demystifies the all-important subject of choosing, designing and cutting woodworking joints.  Strong, appropriate and well-fitting joints are one of the hallmarks of the skilled woodworker. Making them properly and accurately calls for good planning and marking out as well as a good degree of care in the cutting, fitting and final assembly. It is essential to approach making joints methodically, this book provides all the necessary information to ensure success.

  • Aimed at both those new to woodworking as well as the experienced woodworker.
  • Joints: A Woodworker's Guide is broken down into three main sections: planning and preparation, basic techniques of joint making and individual joints in detail.
  • Areas covered include: planning the work and preparing the wood; measuring and marking; cutting and fitting, glues and assembly.

Ralph Laughton trained as an engineer, but did not follow that path. Instead, on leaving full-time education he embarked on a career as an editor for a specialist publisher. This led him into the world of graphic design, where he found it possible to indulge a creative passion for well over twenty years. It was at this point that he decided to take an opportunity to realize a life-long dream. He is now a full-time woodworker designing and building furniture, repairing old joinery and writing about the techniques that he has spent nearly forty years acquiring.