The Horrible Craft Book

30 macabre makes to freak out your family and frighten your friends

The Horrible Craft Book

By:  Minter, Laura
Williams, Tia

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8.4 X 10.8 in
128 pg

CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Crafts for Children
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Test out your threshold for all things horrible with this disgusting book! From cornflour vomit and cat poo truffles to smelly socks and bug soap, the strength of your stomach will be truly tested by this revolting and gruesome collection of projects. Using everyday ingredients and items from around the house, Laura and Tia have once again come up with fun and engaging makes that your little horrors will find hilarious. Grown-ups, get ready to cringe, this could be the most horrible book you have ever seen.

More projects include: dirt pies, cut and warts, eyeball cake, guts pizza, severed thumb, snot bites, skull pots and vampire smoothies.

Laura Minter and Tia Williams started Little Button Diaries, their crafting and baking blog, in 2013 to show that having children doesn't mean you have to stop doing the things you love. They have won various awards and are based in Brighton, Sussex, UK.