Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden

Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden

By:  Tampion, John
Tampion, Maureen

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Butterflies are possibly the most beautiful insect visitors to any garden. The breathtaking diversity of colors and markings are a joy to observe. You can turn your garden into a haven for butterflies by giving them the right plants to feed on and providing suitable places to breed and hibernate. This beautifully illustrated book brings together all the information you will need to encourage garden butterflies in temperate countries.

Every garden has the potential to attract butterflies - no matter how large or small or its location. Learn about the basics of butterfly life cycles, preferred habitats, human impact on populations, types of gardens, breeding, and overwintering. Delve into the handy directory listings of plant species to attract butterflies, common garden butterflies, and food plants for caterpillars. A bonus chapter on photographing butterflies describes the practicalities of capturing these stunning creatures in photographs.

In 1990, John and Maureen Tampion started their own butterfly and plant photographic library, agency, and consultancy.  Their tropical plant and butterfly greenhouses have been featured on TV as well as in newspapers and magazines.