One-Plank Woodworking Projects

One-Plank Woodworking Projects

By:  Standing, Andy

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HOUSE & HOME / Woodworking

Scraps to some...treasures to those who can see the potential! One-Plank Woodworking Projects is a clearly illustrated, practical guide to building fabulously functional household projects from a single plank of wood. Accomplished woodworker and author Andy Standing demonstrates 20 varied projects for the home, office, or garden--including stylish bookends, a personalized laptop tray, a beautiful toy rocking chair, an elegant wine rack, a much-needed knife block, and even functional closet shelving that costs people hundreds of dollars. And while teaching woodworking enthusiasts the best techniques to put their routers, biscuit jointers, and other tools to good use,

One-Plank Woodworking Projects also covers the latest information on health and safety. So, go ahead--grab a board of wood and One-Plank Woodworking Projects, and see how easy it is to create something extraordinarily beautiful with your own hands.

First-rate woodworker and author ANDY STANDING is a technical editor for the bestselling Woodworker magazine. He also writes articles for a wide range of other woodworking magazines covering all topics, from techniques and project making to machinery and tool testing. His work has appeared in Practical Woodworking, Routing, Furniture and Cabinetmaking, and Woodworking Plans and Projects. Standing lives in the UK.