Simply Color: Green

A Crayon Box for Quilters

Simply Color: Green

By:  Christenson, Vanessa

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8.0 X 8.0 in
104 pg

CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Quilts & Quilting

Simply Color: Green, Mother Nature’s favorite color, is featured in this irresistible new series. Colorful and imaginative, each book in this rainbow series brings you 6 patchwork projects celebrating a single color. In this case, it’s green – in all its sprightly variations – showcased in 4 quilts and 2 smaller, less time-consuming projects, clearly explained with 50 helpful illustrations.

If you like green in all its many shades, you’ll love this book. Embark on a kaleidoscopic adventure that takes you from lively lime tints to rich emerald to deep mossy green tones. Unleash the creative side of your quilting skills as you play with colorful fabrics in solids and prints, combine a variety of tones and tints of green, and explore fresh new designs.

Ideal for adventurous beginners and intermediate quilters. Following a pattern is only a small piece of what goes into creating gorgeous patchwork projects. Each book in this series will teach you:

  • Color Theory – hues, tints, tones, shades and value
  • Color Combinations – triad, tetrad, complementary, split complementary
  • 6 Patchwork Projects – gorgeous designs in shades of one color

A crayon box for quilters! The Simply Color Series features all the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple/Gray. Collect the entire series and learn how a deeper understanding of color can inspire you and add impact to every quilting or crafting project you take on.

Vanessa Christenson is a wife and mother of four. They run her world, but when they are at work and school, she runs her pattern and fabric design company, V and Co. She has produced three lines of fabric with Moda Fabrics and published Make It Sew Modern with Martingale in 2012.

Her popular pattern line features designs for handbags, quilts, sewn accessories and home décor. This She lives in Marion, Iowa.