Beyond Cotton

Making by Hand: Stamp, Print, Dye & Paint 18 Modern Mixed Media Sewing Projects

Beyond Cotton

By:  Fleckenstein, Krista

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CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Mixed Media

Mixed Media goes graphic, minimal and sophisticated. Go beyond commercially available materials and get your hands dirty! Create your own modern substrates through Krista’s interactive project-based sewing workshops. Readers will stitch up 18 designer projects while experimenting with ways to stamp, print, paint, dye, and embellish fabrics to use for unique projects to gift and keep.

Beyond Cotton will take modern crafters and sewists beyond the world of commercially available fabrics by encouraging readers to work with different, but readily available materials like leather, rivets, and industrial-grade felt. Create a Leather Cuff in three ways: Stitched, Carved or Stamped; learn to create design repeats; set up a home printing table and experiment with dyeing fabrics. Krista encourages readers to break out of what is offered and to take ownership of their work from start to finish. This book is packed with skill-building techniques and crafty inspiration!

"Looking to find your voice in a sea of commercial fabrics? Inspiration abounds in this inspiring, inviting, and visually stunning book...This book is packed with crafty inspiration, skill-building techniques and more."Modern Patchwork Magazine

"A basic tote with leather handles and printed freckles, a block-printed tea towel with blooming buds, handy painted leather baskets--there's much to love."Sew News Magazine

"From tufted pillows to a leather pocket apron, there is something to appeal to all."Sewing World Magazine

Krista Fleckenstein lives in Anchorage, Alaska with her husband and four children. Her childhood was spent doodling, color sorting, and taking as many art classes as she could manage. As the daughter of a quilter, she grew up influenced by piles of fabric and the hum of a sewing machine. It wasn't until she had children that she started making her own quilts. She started her blog, Spotted Stones, in 2010 and since then she has quilted, sewn, printed, and painted her way into a creative life that she loves. 


Krista's inspiration comes largely from the colors and patterns of Alaskan nature. She believes that doing your own thing (and making a lot of mistakes in the process) is what being creative is all about. 


Krista's patterns can be found in 101 Patchwork Projects + Quilts, Craft Tree: Table Toppers, Modern Patchwork Magazine, Modern Blocks, and Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe. You can follow her on her website,